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We created this site to find the good hair loss treatment. In the process we had the chance to try out, look at, and review a lot of hair loss products. Not surprisingly, we have found that a lot of them does not really work. Here are a couple of pages on my site you might want to look at:

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Polaris NR-07 Reviews



Polaris NR-07 is an OTC topical solution for the entire scalp - both hairline and vertex – formulated against androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Unlike other hair treatment products based almost exclusively on Minoxidil, Polaris NR-07 contains both 5% Minoxidil and 5% apple polyphenol, blended with auxiliary agents that have been proven to boost their efficacies with optimal results.


This is manufactured and marketed by Polaris Research Laboratories harnessing innovative pharmaceutical technologies and research findings from other molecular biologists and dermatologists. Polaris NR-07 uses cutting edge Liposphere technology vectors to release and deliver its active ingredients deeper into the scalp.



How Polaris NR-07 Works?

Polaris NR-07 works not only with its active ingredients but with a delivery system that ensures those ingredients get optimum results. It uses Liposphere technology to vector its active ingredients to permeate into deeper skin layers while releasing them over a period of time for maximum efficacy.


Polaris NR-07 users can optimize the hair restoring potency of Minoxidil, apple polyphenol and auxiliary chemical agents:

5% Minoxidil is the only FDA approved OTC drug for treating Androgenetic Alopecia and acts as a vasodilator to enhance blood flow into existing hair follicles to make them regrow healthier and thicker hair.

5% Apple Polyphenol has antioxidant, antifungal and antiallergenic properties that help repopulate the hairline as evidenced by in vitro lab tests that promise hair epithelial cell growth at significant rates.

Ancillary agents include adenosine which mediates Minoxidil action and stimulates endothelial growth that boosts hair regrowth. It also contains Azaleic and Oleanolic Acids as well as Serenoa Repens that inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase from making DHT that destroys follicles.  And it has the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help improve metabolism of sebum for stronger hair strands.



Where To Buy Polaris NR-07?  

The Polaris NR-07 website at www.polarisresearchlabs.com/nr-07.php does not have an e-commerce page for ordering any of the products marketed by the Polaris Research Lab company.  But do a Google search and the brand is available online from various internet pharmacies and drugstores.  At the DERMAdoctor site (www.dermadoctor.com) the 2 oz Polaris NR-07 topical solution can be had for $38.00 but is currently back-ordered to replenish stocks at the site.


The site is a member of the Better Business Bureau and its secure order page honors all major credits, personal checks, Money Orders including Google Checkout. Shipping is done via FedEx for domestic orders and via USPS for international orders with rates detailed here www.dermadoctor.com/CustomerService/cs-shippinginfo.asp


In general, the site offers 30-day money back guarantee excluding shipping charges, provided the return requests are accompanied by order invoice and a reason for the return.  




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